• Review of functional anatomy
  • Full body mobility and stability assessments
  • Individualized approach to functional mobility & stability training

Functional Core & Stability - 2 hours

  • In depth look at the components of functional mobility
  • Clinical approach to full-body mobility screening
  • Application of the common mobility tools for the upper and lower body
    • 1 hour upper or lower body only options available

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Professional development personal training workshops

Designed to provide trainer's with tools to take their assessment and training to new heights, Dr. Lendvoy's workshops provide group learning and practical application of clinical sport science through a number of diverse and cost-effective options.

Health - therapy - Performance

  • advanced talk on functional stability
  • Clinical approaches and  advanced concepts of core and stability training
    • 1 hour upper or lower body only options available

Functional Movements - 2 hours

Clinical Injury Prevention - 2 hours

  • Introduction to commonly seen  injuries
  • Recognition of symptoms in clients & appropriate management
  • Basic screening for active risk factors
  • Active prevention & rehabilitative exercises

**most popular workshop for trainers**

Functional Mobility - 2 hours