"Dr. Lendvoy's workshops are vital in preparing the athletes in our program for a successful year. His clinical knowledge and athletic training experience create an unparalleled package that allows athletes to stay healthy throughout the season while taking their performance to new levels." 

 “If you are looking to reach your full potential go no further than Dr. Lendvoy. He has first hand experience and a unique approach to bringing each facet of your game to the next level. I highly suggest everybody take advantage of his services if you are serious about improving yourselves.”


Dr. lendvoy prides himself on continuing to grow and evolve as a health professional. He'd love to hear any constructive feedback or positive reviews you might want to offer!

 “Awesome experience! He is very knowledgeable and professional. I had some lingering sport injuries which he took care of in clinic and he also provided a very useful treatment plan for me to work on at home. I'm performing even better now than I was before I had my injuries.”


 “dr. lendvoy is the best at what he does!”



Terry McKaig  & Chris Pritchett - UBC head of baseball & Head Coach

"With Nic's background and expertise, the players have experienced major gains in their stretching and mobility habits. After completing his workshop sessions, players have been analyzed, tested and positioned to improve functional mobility, ultimately decreasing their risk for injury. Nic has been a huge asset and we look forward to growing our relationship."  

SAmmie STarr - coach, Baltimore orioles & mlb draft 2011

dr. robert johnston - houston, tx

Michael elias - facility manager, ubc indoor training centre

Brandon kaye - toronto blue jays 2011 mlb draft

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