ATHLETIC workshops

Injury Prevention

A workshop for teams or large groups designed to educate about, assess and manage stability through proprioception and strength factors in functional and athletic movements.

An all-encompassing workshop covering the fundamentals of athletic movement patters, mobility and stability.

Designed to give athletes & coaches the tools to keep teams healthy and performing their best, Dr. Lendvoy's workshops provide group learning and practical application of clinical sport science through a number of diverse and cost-effective options.

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A workshop designed for teams or large groups to assess mobility deficiencies and develop a personalized program to manage and treat them with therapeutic exercises.

"Players have been analyzed, tested and positioned to improve functional mobility, ultimately decreasing their risk for injury. Nic has been a huge asset and we look forward to growing our relationship."

- Sammie Starr - Coach in the Baltimore Orioles Organization  
- Drafted in the 2010 MLB draft

Screening sessions consist of standardized functional and orthopedic tests that help identify biomechanical deficiencies that may increase the risk of injuries. Results are organized and delivered so that athletes may develop a personalized “pre-hab” exercise program to address strength, mobility or stability deficiencies and limit potential injuries. Sessions are offered throughout Greater Vancouver area and can be performed at your field, arena or training facility.

Express Screening Package
4 tests per athletes covering:

  •  full body functional mobility & stability

            – minimum 12 athletes

Standard Screening Package
6 tests per athlete covering:

  • Full body functional mobility & stability
  • basic strength and power

            – minimum 8 athletes

Varsity Screening Package
10 tests per athlete covering:

  • full body functional mobility & stability
  • strength and power

             – minimum 5 athletes

Professional Screening Package
16 tests per athlete covering:

  • upper and lower body functional mobility and joint specific mobility
  • upper and lower body functional stability
  • strength and power
  • core endurance ratios

Athletic screening sessions

High Performance Mobility

Health - therapy - Performance

An introduction to the most common sport specific injuries including basic athlete screening for active risk factors and active prevention exercises.

Full length sessions include assessment and practical application of knowledge. For teams on a budget, half-length instruction-only sessions are available. 

Functional Athletic Movements

High Performance Stability

"Dr. Lendvoy's workshops are vital in preparing the athletes in our program for a successful year. His clinical knowledge and athletic training experience create an unparalleled package that allows athletes to stay healthy throughout the season while taking their performance to new levels." 

-Terry McKaig (University of British Columbia Director of Baseball)
​& Chris Pritchett (UBC Head Coach)