ART® is a hands-on approach to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries, primarily to muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments.

ART® is used to treat acute strains and sprains as well as chronic overuse conditions such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner's or jumper's knee, low back pain and similar pathologies common in today's society.  Chronic conditions tend to occur as a result of a poorly healed acute sprain or strain or from repeated minor trauma such as typing, throwing or the constant strain of poor posture. The repeated small insults cause micro damage to the tissue which, if bad enough, can present with pain, tightness, tingling, numbness, and weakness. As the person continues to use the affected body part, the cycle of 'insult and injury' worsens. 

Accurate diagnosis is required to treat these soft tissue conditions successfully. An ART® practitioner makes a diagnosis by identifying the exact site of injury, the type of tissue involved  and the correct nature of injury. Once an injury has been identified the practitioner will treat each tissue involved by first shortening the structure, applying tension in specific locations and directions and lengthening the tissue back out. This dynamic tissue action during treatment is what separates ART® from other soft-tissue therapies such as massage and trigger-point therapy. 

One major strength of ART® is that long courses of treatment is generally not necessary. In many cases, only 4 to 5 treatments will fix the problem or result in significant improvement. If this improvement is not seen by the fourth treatment ART® is not likely to be of help and would be discontinued. Rehabilitative exercises complement ART® well and is sometimes necessary for maximum recovery in long standing or recurrent cases.

 As a clinician Dr. Lendvoy's areas of interest lie in sports medicine and performance therapy, though he is equally proficient treating a variety of patients including geriatrics and those with chronic pain, migraine and motor vehicle accident related issues. Combining multiple therapeutic options for complete musculoskeletal care, he specializes in the use of rehabilitative exercises, Active Release Technique® (ART®) soft tissue therapy, chiropractic manipulation, multiple physical therapy electric modalities as well as nutritional and lifestyle counselling.  He regularly practices co-management with physiotherapists, RMT’s, MD’s, and ND’s to provide a truly patient centred and integrated approach to treatment. Dr. Lendvoy's treatment protocols will always include active care(home exercises or stretches), soft tissue therapy and lifestyle modifications in addition to chiropractic manipulations if indicated. A therapeutic timeline will always be clearly discussed before starting treatment and if results are not seen within the expected period, Dr. Lendvoy will not hesitate to refer  to a talented alternative practitioner either in-clinic or within his professional networks.

Therapeutic approach

Dr. Lendvoy pulls from his education as a Kinesiologist and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and years of experience as a high-level athlete, strength and conditioning coach and exercise science lecturer to create dynamic, evidence-based and patient-centred treatment protocols specifically tailored for each patient. Practising as a neuro-musculoskeletal clinician, Dr. Lendvoy treats pathologies related to the bones, muscles, joints and nerves in our bodies. After a thorough assessment Dr. Lendvoy emphasizes holistic care, patient education and personalized treatment plans to address the causative biomechanical and lifestyle factors behind the symptoms to facilitate healing and ensure optimal health. 

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